Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging technology allows home inspectors to measure the difference in temperature around the structure. Blue represents cool temperatures and red represents hot temperatures. This helps us find water/moisture penetration, air leaks, electrical issues, and many other issues that we may not see with out imaging. Thermal images are include in the inspection report.

Roof Attic

The roof covering and attic ventilation are important factors in keeping your home dry and well insulated. Water leaks and moisture deteriorate buildings and weaken the overall integration of the structure. Many time leaks are very easy to detect, but also many time leaks occur in locations that are out of site. Years may go by until serious problems develop. We do our best to identify these issues and make sure you understand the possible consequences if not repaired.


The electrical system now has more demand then ever before. Entertainment systems, fancy appliances, computers, personal devise recharging, heating, air conditioning, you name it, we need our electricity. Faulty electrical systems are a large factor in maintaining the safety of the occupants and the home. Many systems are dated and do not have the correct load distribution to handle today’s needs. We perform a thorough inspection of the entire electrical system to expose issues that may be a problem.


Plumbing is yet another source that damage homes. Unnoticed leaks may persist in bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, and exterior hose bibs. We inspect all plumbing fixtures, water pressure, hot water tank, and any additional plumbing system.


The land grade, foundation, framing, roof, and overall integrity is inspected. From the crawl space under the house to the attic, we look for damages that may have occurred through settling, earthquakes, and ground water penetration.


The exterior can show many indications of the over all condition of the home. Improper flashing, lack of sealant around windows, damaged siding, areas exposed to moisture, vegetation against the structure, and more. The decks piers, support members, fasteners, handrails, and stairs are inspected proper installation, damage, and safety.


Much of the interior of the home is cosmetic to allow for pleasant living conditions. Unfortunately, we can not see through walls, but do our best to understand if there are issues. We inspect doors, windows, stairs, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, floors, walls, and all accessible rooms.

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